frequently asked questions. 

  1. What is a Yoga Fitreat?  A yoga fitreat is a 7 day body, mind, soul adventure.  This retreat takes all the delicious and restorative pieces of a traditional yoga retreat and adds a little bit of heat, sweat, and strength to it.  A variety of workouts, yoga flows, and myofascial release self-massage workshops will be offered to give you a complete balanced practice while in our lodging area. Along with the different exercise modalities that we will be enjoying— the majority of our days will have planned excursions, ATV tour, Standup Paddle Board, and a canopy zip-line tour are just a few examples.
  2. I don’t work out very often, is this going to be really hard? NO! You’ll be great.  Each day’s work out, outing, and yoga session is optional.  The sessions will be sequenced according to activities we will be doing that day.  On more body intensive excursions like our Stand Up Paddle board Ocean adventure, we will be indulging in a relaxing and restorative yoga practice in the evening. The goal is to find complete harmony and balance with our body and minds—not to overly work the muscles and leave you sore and tired. This is intended to uplift you and will be fun!
  3. Is the food and excursions included in the price of the retreat?  YES! 3 delicious meals a day will be prepared by a personal chef and made of the locally sourced organic ingredients.   Gluten-free and vegan options will be available upon request prior to the trip.  Meal times will be family style as a group scheduled in the trip around our yoga, workout, and excursions.
  4. Is Wifi available?  Yes! Wifi is available in the lounge and restaurant area. 
  5. Costa Rica is hot and humid, is there A/C?  YEP! In your room too!
  6. Do I need a Passport? Yes, a valid signed Pass port is required to enter Costa Rica
  7. Do I need to apply for a Visa prior to traveling to Costa Rica? No, if you are traveling on a U.S., Canadian or European Union Passport you normally do not have to apply for a visa in advance.  When you arrive in Costa Rica you must present a valid* passport and an onward ticket (to leave Costa Rica at the end of your vacation).  Normally this is all that is required and the immigration official will stamp your passport entries page with a tourist visa valid for 90 days and welcome you to Costa Rica. *An unsigned passport is not valid and cannot be signed once presented to an immigration official.  A torn, smudged or otherwise damaged passport may not be valid.  A passport without sufficient space for new stamps is not valid.
  8. To get the most up to date visa information :   The requirements for entry into Costa Rica are subject to change at any time and without notice and it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to ensure they are in compliance.
  9. Should I get vaccinations before entering Costa Rica? It’s always suggested to get the vaccinations noted per region by the Center for Disease Control and Protection. Check with your local doctor or search for a travel immunization clinic in your area. See more information below:
  10. Do I need Travel Insurance? Yes! It is required to have valid travelers insurance to participate on the retreat.   is a great place to acquire it.
  11. Is the flight included in the trip price?  Unfortunately no, the flight is not.  Because everyone will be traveling from different places all over the world as well as at different times--it is best that each participant secures their own flights.  Transportation will be provided by shuttle from the airport to the resort. 
  12. Which airport should I fly into?  How much are tickets? Liberia, Costa Rica (Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport) is where you will want to book your flight to and from.  Flights range from $250-$500.  The average flight for our time of the year is $388.  If you need any help, feel free to email or call the airline.
  13. What should I pack? Below is a list of general items to pack, bring anything else you personally need:
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat or baseball cap
  • Tennis shoes you donot mind getting dirty
  • Poncho
  • Bathing suit
  • Fitness clothes for 7 days
  • Lounge clothes
  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Camera
  • Bug spray
  •  Water bottle (we don't like plastic bottles!)
  • Flip flops / sandals
  •  Beach towels (but we do provide towels for the pool)
  • Some extra cash for shopping in town or extra activities / transportation needs (most places don't accept credit cards)
  • Day backpack (very cheap collapsible ones available on amazon)
  •  A good book
  • Journal
  •  Snacks
  • Sunglasses
  • Dramamine, Advil, ibuprofen, and any other medications you need

**This is an adventurous active retreat so you do not need to bring anything too fancy or too many options for clothing.  We are going to enjoy ourselves in beautiful Costa Rica, not walking a catwalk! Come as you are, don't spend too much money on new clothes.