Alexis Novak is a Los Angeles-based private and group Yoga Instructor.  She is a mobility and strength enthusiast with a deep love for the human body and total wellness.   Alexis resides and practices in the Los Angeles area working with clients in their homes, teaching class and workshops in studios, and has led annual international retreats to Bali, Italy, and Costa Rica. 

Alexis was named Los Angeles' No. 1 Trending Fitness Instructor in September 2014 by "Rate Your Burn"

Alexis believes in level building strength training, and focuses strong attention to alignment and intentional power suited for the body she is working with.  Each session delves deeper into what you personally find challenging and together you will create innovative and engaging way to grow from the last session. Using her enthusiasm and knowledge of muscle groups, bone structures, and endocrine system Alexis strives to serve her students as a yoga instructor, an educator, and a support system.

"I strategically sequence my classes with a balance between strength and serenity. You can expect results within your body that surpass the classic calorie count.  Isometric training is integrated with high intensity intervals to help limber, lean, and lengthen the muscles.  Alternating between explosive cardio bursts, free-hand weight integration, and meditative movements the entire body is forced to engage and truly work to perform at its highest level of efficiency."

You can expect a blend of compassion and a sense of humor during your fitness and wellness sessions with Alexis.  She believes every BODY deserves to feel good, healthy, and strong and she is excited and willing to help you work to get there.